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Caravan 1993
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My Other Recordings

City Limits Band ~ 1978  
Practice session, single mic
Taped on cassette deck
- Fairfax, VA
Band Members

Glenn Ashton - Standup bass, lead vocals
Jeff Bay - Banjo, high tenor vocals
Tom Casey - Mandolin
Ted Ellis - Guitar, tenor vocals

Dave Kersey, Jeff Bay, Ted Ellis, Tom Casey

Glenn Ashton
From album 'Free N' Easy'
I've Just Seen A Face
by the Beatles
Arrangement - Jeff Bay
Credits to 1966 Beatles Country
I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World
by Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon
Redwood Hill
by the Country Gentlemen


Other Recordings
Satin Doll
by Duke Ellington
~ 1978  Ted Ellis: Guitar,  John Cudd: Bass
Windy and Warm -  4 Track
by John Loudermilk
2002 - Ted Ellis: Guitar, Bass
Thumbin' A Ride - 4 Track
by Ted Ellis
~ 1995 - Ted Ellis: Dobro, Fiddle, Guitar

Swing Medley - 4 Track
Minor Swing, I've Found a New Baby
Swing 42, I've Got Rhythm
~ 1996 - Ted Ellis: Dobro, Guitar