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I grew up in Garret Park, and Boyds, Maryland.
I lived in Fairfax, Virginia and then in Atlanta for ten years.

Then I moved to Washington State and now live in North Seattle.

I love playing tennis, back issues ended that in 2018.

I was in a couple of progressive bluegrass bands in the 1980's and 1990's and enjoyed that immensely.

I play in decreasing levels of competence: Guitar, dobro, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and piano.

In 1994 I was granted a capo patent for resophonic guitars.
Saga Music sold it for a while as their Golden Gate capo for resophonic guitars.

You can view it on the resophonic capo page at the nice Sterner Capo Museum.

I'm liberal, a supporter of Medicare for All, and an atheist.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt planned for federally sponsored health insurance to be part of Social Security. Conservatives have branded it as socialism ever since. It's called Social Security because it is funded by a socialist program: everybody contributes and benefits from it. The taxes we all pay are similar, they fund our public schools, military, roads, etc. Unfortunately, far too many Americans don't understand that.