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I grew up in Maryland: Garret Park, and Boyds.
I've also lived in Fairfax, Virginia, followed by ten years in Atlanta.

In 1990, I moved to Washington State, living now in North Seattle.

I love playing tennis, back issues ended that in 2018.

I was in a couple of progressive bluegrass bands in the 1980's and 1990's, and enjoyed that immensely, with examples of that on my website.

I play in decreasing levels of competence: Dobro, guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and piano. I recently took up ukulele, it's great fun!

In 1994 I was granted a capo patent for resophonic guitars, i.e. Dobros.
Saga Music sold it for a while as their Golden Gate capo for resophonic guitars.

You can view it on the resophonic capo page at the nice Sterner Capo Museum.

I'm liberal, a supporter of Medicare for All, and an atheist.

We're the only industrialized nation that doesn't provide not-for-profit universal healthcare for all of its citizens.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt planned for a federally sponsored health insurance to be part of Social Security. Conservatives have branded it as socialism ever since. Many think Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, this is completely incorrect.

It's called Social Security because it's funded by a socialist program where everybody contributes to, and benefits from it. The same applies to the government taxes we pay: they fund our public schools, highways,  bridges, clean water, military, etc.